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flogersThe precursor of the Folger Coffee Company was founded in 1850 in San Francisco, California, as the Pioneer Steam Coffee and Spice Mills. In 1872 it was acquired and renamed by James A. Folger, who had arrived from Nantucket Island at the age of 15 with his two older brothers during the California Gold Rush. In the 1850s, kerosene began to offer a cheaper alternative to whale oil, which had been Nantucket’s life-blood, resulting in the re-purposing of many of its ships to bring coffee from South America to San Francisco.

Under the mid-20th century leadership of his great-grandson Peter Folger the brand became one of the principal coffee concerns in the world’s largest coffee market, North America. Procter & Gamble (P&G) acquired Folger’s in 1963 and removed the apostrophe from its name.

P&G announced in January 2008 Folgers would be spun off into a separate Cincinnati-based company.[4] In June 2008, P&G reversed itself and announced Folgers would be acquired by the end of 2008 by The J.M. Smucker Company. Utilizing a rare financial technique called a Reverse Morris Trust, Smucker purchased Folgers in November 2008 and made it a subsidiary.


1898 Advertisement for J. A. Folger & Company coffee

Nine brands of Folgers are available in the United StatesClassic Roast, including Classic “Red Can” and half-caffeine medium roastsClassic Complements, including Gourmet Supreme (Dark Roast), 100% Colombian (Medium-Dark Roast), French Roast (Medium-Dark Roast), Black Silk (Dark Roast) and Breakfast Blend (Light Roast)Simply Smooth, a medium roast coffeCappuccino, instant French Vanilla and Mocha Chocolate cappuccino powderFlavored Coffee, including Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Chocolate Silk, and CinnamonFolgers Gourmet Selections, a line of varietal and flavored coffeesInstant Coffee, Folgers Crystals available in Regular and DecafSingles, single serve packetsHome Cafe Pods, for use with one cup brewing systems such as HomeCafe.

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A gift card is a restricted monetary equivalent or scrip that is issued by retailers or banks to be used as an alternative to a non-monetary gift. Highly popular, they rank as the second-most given gift by consumers in the United States (2006) and the most-wanted gift by women, and the third-most wanted by males. Gift cards have become increasingly popular as they relieve the donor of selecting a specific gift.In 2012, nearly 50% of all US consumers claimed to have purchased a gift card as a present during the holiday season.[3] In Canada, $1.8 billion were spent on gift cards and in the UK, it is estimated to reach 3 billion (GBP) for 2009[needs update] whereas in the United States, about $80 billion were paid for gift cards in 2006. The recipient of the gift card can use it at his or her discretion within the restrictions set by the issuing agency.