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If the last entry wasn’t enough of a reason to stay in bed then the remote play features of PS4 should seal the deal. Whether someone else game_remote_controllerwants the TV or you just fancy playing 8th gen games in the bath, the capability to stream to the PlayStation Vita is a slick process that just requires you to have both devices signed into the same PSN ID. You can connect directly to the PS4 or via your wireless network if you are too far away from the console itself. Make sure that ‘enable turning on PS4 from network’ is selected in your power save settings and you’ll be able to turn on the PS4 remotely from the Vita.

PS4 tips and tricks

5. Use your Vita as an extra DualShock

If you’ve not shelled out for an additional controller yet and fancy some two player action on PS4 then you’ll be happy to hear that your trusty Vita doubles up as an additional DualShock. Set up remote play as usual with the Vita. This will automatically turn off any connected controller and allow the handheld to control the on screen action. When you want a friend to join in, have them press the PS button on the DualShock and log in as another user or guest and you’ll have co-op Lego Marvel on the go in no time.

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6. Record your skills

PS4, whether you tell it to or not, always diligently records the last 15 minutes of your gameplay just in case you perform some incredible feat and fancy showing it to the world or just want to keep it for yourself as a digital memento. To hoard a period of gaming history all you need to do is hit the share button or opt to save a video to your captures folder. This can then be uploaded directly to Facebook and thus, the world. If you actively want to record something, press the share button twice to start recording and once when you want to end the clip. Again, this can only be up to 15 minutes in length.

PS4 tips and tricks

7. Personalise the share button

The default set up of the share button means that a quick press will bring up the share menu and a longer press is needed to take a screenshot. However, an ‘easy screenshots’ mode is available that allows you to reverse the settings and means you’ll never have to leave the action if you want to take a quick snap of the scenery/carnage. This setting can be found within the options menu of the share screen.